Presentations Are Boring

No matter how excited you are about your area of expertise, no matter how fascinated you may be by the work you are doing, and no matter what is happening within your department…it’s pretty safe to assume that no one else is as excited as you are. Put simply, presentations are boring. “Death by PowerPoint” is actually #7 on the top list of workplace injuries.

Presentations are boring

See, it’s a fact.

Let’s backtrack for a moment though and clarify what I’m trying to say. Content, no matter how meaningful, is never enough. But…content is king, right? Actually, your audience, their motivation, and creating a unique experience is actually king. It’s about making your content memorable and motivational for the people in the audience. Just because you’ve spent the past month gathering data and filling your presentation with endless information, doesn’t mean anyone will actually remember it.

That’s why instructors vary their method of delivery. Instead of simply relaying information every single class, they’re lecturing, presenting, asking questions, sharing life experiences, encouraging peer-to-peer interaction, creating group projects, and trying to get students to soak up the information in ways that they (the students) can actually relate to. If you think back to the best class you’ve ever taken, it’s usually because of a great instructor (not just the meaningful content).

So…we can at least half-way agree that presentations are boring. Knowing this I was a little worried (okay, a lot worried) that I would fall flat on my face and fail to connect with the audience. I was told that I’d have 5 minutes to talk about social media. Social Media. Yup…boring. Who cares about social media anyways? Not me.

Focus of Presenation

The real meaning behind the new Human Resources identity.

And so, I struggled to brainstorm, write up sticky note storyboards, and develop a working outline. I knew I had great information on all of our social media platforms. I had key analytics that demonstrated engagement and an increase in readership over time. I had background information into the effort and production that happened behind the scenes. Even knowing I had all of this information I still struggled to find my message. Who cares about numbers, clicks, views, and endless social media buzzwords. Nobody.

I then began to craft a message that told a story. I shared a vision. I spoke to what my audience valued and connected my content to those values. Once I was able to do that it became very apparent what I should ditch and what I should focus on. Below is the final result.

If anyone else struggles with presentations, believes that most presentations are boring, and seeks to become a better presenter, below are some great resources. They help me unlearn from time to time and focus on what is most important.

Presentation Resources

Presentation Resources

Just two of the many books I have go back to for presentations.

Lastly, I don’t have any inspiring tips for overcoming stage fright. Before every single course I have ever taught and before delivering any presentation my heart is beating a hundred miles an hour. Gulp.

Nervous on stage? Who, me?

Nervous on stage? Who, me?

Combined Faculty and Staff In-Service Day Presentations

Campus Safety, MarCom, Student Affairs, and Human Resources shared with the Green River Community highlights of their respective departments successes and new initiatives. We want to express our heart felt thanks to them for the time they invested into creating and delivering their messages. Take a minute to view their presentations.

Human Resources Presentation

Campus Safety Presentation

Student Affairs Presentation

Human Resources Presentation

To Email or Not Presentation Follow-Up:

  • To Email or Not Pop Quiz Winner
  • Winner:  David Larsen
  • Honorable Mentions:  Judy Fuchs and Joanne Sanden

Presenting to the Board of Trustees on Marketing and Communications


Just some of the many additions to the new HR website.

There’s something different about Human Resources at Green River. You may have noticed our newsletter and other efforts to openly communication and engage with the campus as a whole. This week, in collaboration with Marketing and Communications, we presented to the Board of Trustees!

HR Social Media

Did you know about our new WordPress blog and Twitter feed?

Allison Friedly, the Executive Director of College Relations, led the presentation and discussed the overall strategic communication plan. She focused on key principles, alignment with the college’s strategic plan, our wide range of audiences, strategies and initiatives, and the need for accountability in all marketing efforts. HR then provided background information on our goals of expanding recruitment efforts, establishing a meaningful and memorable connection, and showcasing employees across the institution.

Allison and Steve

The world’s best presenters – MarCom and HR!

As we continued the presentation we answered trustee questions and provided insight into future plans and collaborative efforts. We communicated our belief that our employees really are our most valuable resource and that the response we’ve received from recent efforts has been overwhelmingly positive.  One of the best questions asked related to analytics and tracking the effectiveness of all communication efforts.

Board of Trustees

Just part of our captive audience!

As we ended the presentation we emphasized the importance of collaboration in any marketing effort at the institution. One of our very first steps in HR was touching base with MarCom and reviewing all branding, web, and social media policies to ensure HR efforts aligned with the institution as a whole. As more and more departments commit to expanding their marketing and communication, this collaboration will also be the key to their success. MarCom is currently developing a more robust support system and we can’t wait to continue this partnership.

Successful Presentation

Yes! We rocked this presentation!