Cultural Competency Recommendations


Our Fifty-Year Legacy

As the college acknowledges the many achievements we have been a part of, the people who made those achievements possible, and the next fifty years as an institution of higher learning, what will our legacy reflect? Were we the first? In what areas did we advance most? Did we set the example? What could we have done differently?

One opportunity directly tied to our Strategic Planning goal of equity and diversity, also vocalized by students during recent campus events, is meeting the needs of our diverse community by focusing efforts on cultural competencies. Our students need to know that we take this challenge seriously, are committed to advancing this cause, and that we value this key issue. A demonstrated commitment to cultural competency would be a meaningful addition to our college legacy and the next fifty years ahead.

The Challenges We Face

In investigating this topic at our institution and seeking out ways in which meaningful collaboration can result in tangible results, several offices and entities were contacted (ODEI, Student Life, IP, Student Government, DSS, and GDEC). An open session was held for anyone interested in exchanging ideas, discussing key themes, and brainstorming desired outcomes. Additional functional areas throughout campus will be asked to contribute to the conversation as we continue to seek direction from the college.

A Multifaceted Model

There are no quick fixes or magic pills to address concerns regarding diversity and cultural competence. Such deep­rooted issues require a commitment that goes beyond words and includes awareness of key issues, attitudes and behaviors towards the world around us, the ability to openly exchange ideas, and identification of specific cultural competencies.

Stakeholders Needed

Collaboration across campus will ensure that this effort is inclusive, meaningful, and sustainable. Ideas should represent faculty, staff, and students and involve experts, departments, and committees.

View the Recommendations

The presentation below was given to the Board of Trustees and written as an executive summary to outline specific recommendations to begin addressing cultural competencies at Green River College. Training by itself is never the answer and to support meaningful change across campus, training must compliment existing efforts.