Retirement Social Recap

This past Wednesday, June 6, we celebrated 19 faculty and staff retirements at the annual Retirement Social! With over 60 faculty and staff members in attendance, we said ‘thank you’ and ‘happy trails’ to this year’s retirees. See below for some photos!

Thank you to Conference Services and all of our volunteers who helped create a warm, inviting space for our Green River family!


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2015 Retirement Social

Last Wednesday, June 3rd, Green River honored its most recent retirees. Current and past staff and faculty came together to celebrate their combined total of 361 years of service at our college.Retirees Group Photo

The audience applauded the retirees as they received their service plaques and pins, and listened as they spoke proudly about their time at Green River. Naturally, their stories differed from department to department, but every retiree, whether a former instructor or staff member, expressed immense gratitude for the relationships they had developed at the college. With comments ranging from, “Coming to Green River was the best decision I made,” to “This College is like no other,” it was easy to be reminded of the special nature of our school and to be infected with their pride.

Service Plaque

Many thanks to Josh Gerstman from the Green River Foundation, Patty Sherman and Benita Walters from Conference Services, Julie Spears from Marketing and Communications, Jean Sheadel from College Relations, Steve Sosa, Kirk Walker, Claire Gorenstein and Jessica Tichy from Human Resources, Suzanne McCudden from the President’s Office, and Natalie Edwards from Campus Safety.

Portability of Life Insurance


Did you know that if you leave Green River College you can stay enrolled in 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25% of the total amount of your Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance coverage under the portability provision until you reach age 70 by “porting” – without providing Evidence of Insurability?

You can apply to continue your terminated Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance until age 70 if certain conditions are met. You may elect to decrease your coverage continued under the Portability provision; however, you will not be eligible to increase it.

You must apply to continue your coverage under the portability provision within 31 days (60 days if you are retiring) of the date your insurance terminates.

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Thinking About Retirement?

Fun Retirement

As an eligible retiree, you can apply for medical and dental coverage through the PEBB Program for yourself and your eligible family members.  You have 60 days to complete an application to enroll in or defer PEBB retiree coverage after your employment or COBRA coverage ends. How do you enroll? Follow this three-step timeline:

Step 1: Contact the Social Security Administration

About ninety days before your active employment or COBRA ends, contact the Nearest Social Security Office to enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B if you or any family members you wish to cover are entitled to Medicare.

Step 2: Request a retiree enrollment packet

Sixty days before your active employment or COBRA ends request a retiree enrollment packet. Call 1-800-200-1004 or 360-725-0440 in the Olympia area. PEBB will send you a Retiree Enrollment Guide including applications and information).

Step 3: Return you completed retiree application

Within sixty days after your active employment or COBRA coverage ends return your completed retiree application and any applicable forms to the PEBB Program at P.O. Box 42684, Olympia, WA 98504-2684.

If you or any covered dependents are entitled to Medicare, you must enroll in Part A and Part B and remain enrolled to keep your PEBB coverage.