New training dates are here


On behalf of Mark Brown, Learning and Development Manager

Our next round of mandatory training dates are set! The below training sessions will include nondiscrimination, child abuse/neglect reporting and ethics. These sessions are intended for all employees so, if you are a new employee or are unaware of your training completion status, please contact Mark Brown at

TC-208, Tuesday, October 22, 3-5 pm

TC-206, Thursday, October 24, 9-11 am

TC-208, Tuesday, November 5, 2-4 pm

TC-208, Thursday, November 7, 9-11 am

IVC-101 Conference Room, Wednesday, November 20, 9-11 am

TC-206, Wednesday, December 4, 9-11 am

SH 220-31 Conference room, Thursday, December 5, 2-4 pm


Green River College New Employee Orientation

Orientation-09-lWhy is Orientation Important?

Orientation is more than the paperwork; it’s an official introduction to Green River College. Orientation is important to an organization because it lays the foundation for the new employee’s career with the organization. It makes a great first impression and it can establish the basis for everything that follows.

Monday, April 22 kicked off our first new employee orientation! Mark Brown (Learning & Development Manager) and Tamara Shilipetar (Green River College Recruiter) welcomed 5 new employees beginning at 8:30 am, with coffee, doughnuts, and yogurt. The session covered various topics, including our mission, vision, and core values; benefits; payroll; the Green River College Foundation; professional development opportunities; campus parking and security.

The new employee orientation will be held twice a month, with our next session on Monday, May 6. If you were hired this past spring and are interested in attending an orientation please email Mark Brown and we’ll add you to our orientation roster.

IT Skills Enhancement Training for Spring Quarter

IT is offering enhancement training to the Green River College community. Pay close attention to the SharePoint 101 sessions. These will help you prepare for the May 15 soft launch of the newly redesigned skills enhancement promo

Getting the most from:  Remote Access, Shared Drives, Password Reset and more!

 Use “Remote Access” while you’re not on campus.  Always save your information to the “shared drives”.  You can reset your passwords with the “Password Management System”.  IT references these tools all the time, but do you really know what they mean?  Join us for SET #2 where we’ll go over the IT tools that are in use at GRC today.  This session will incorporate hands on computer training to help build your ability to use these tools properly and with confidence in your day-to-day world.

This workshop will be offered in HL 116:   Wednesday, May 1st  2PM to 3PM

Click here to register for IT SET #2:  Remote Access, Shared Drives, Password Reset and More!

SharePoint 101

SharePoint is Microsoft’s multi-function tool for collaboration, data sharing, web site hosting, and document storage. Today, SharePoint does all of this and is increasingly becoming the foundation for Office 365 collaboration. Join us for an overview of SharePoint. Together we will review SharePoint websites, web parts, permissions, and go over how SharePoint plays with other Office 365 tools.  SharePoint also happens to be the tool used for the revised GatorNet which will soft launch in May, 2019.  We are excited, and hope you are too!

This workshop will be offered in HL 116 the following days and times:

Thursday, May 2nd 2PM to 3PM

Wednesday, May 8th  2PM to 3PM

Thursday, May 9th 2PM to 3PM

Wednesday, May 15th 2PM to 3PM

Thursday, May 16th 2PM to 3PM

Click here to register for IT SET #3:  SharePoint 101

Ways to stay engaged

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has become something of a “buzzword” these days, but it’s absolutely as important as it sounds. Engaged employees are more focused, more energized, more productive and, generally, more pleasant to be around. That level of engagement can translate into greater student success!

The challenge we often face is how to stay engaged even on days when we’re not at our best. The article link below offers some helpful ideas on what we all can do to give our best both at work and at home!

Employee Engagement

Exempt Staff Professional Development


Our Exempt Staff Training and Development Sub-Committee has made a few updates to the professional development process for Admin/Exempt employees! At the below link, you can now do the following:

  1. Learn more about the eligibility requirements
  2. Discover how the application process works for all types of professional development (credit classes, non-credit classes, etc.)
  3. Find out how much funding is available
  4. Apply!!

The new Exempt Staff Professional Development page now also includes the application as a web form (no more downloads!). Check out the link below!

Exempt Staff Professional Development

Opening Week In-Service Day

Opening Week is just around the corner! In-Service Day (Wednesday, September 19) will feature a number of faculty and staff-led workshops. We invite you to attend one (or more!) of the workshops on offer during the week. Click the link below to see details for times, locations and facilitators!In-service




IT Tip: Accessibility in MS Office


Here at Green River, inclusion is a hallmark of our mission! With that in mind, we would like to introduce a few ways that you can make some of your work even more inclusive. Thanks to the IT department, we’re now aware that the Microsoft office suite offers new alternatives to make emails, documents, workbooks and Powerpoint presentations accessible. Check the link below for lessons on how to create better content that is accessible to all!

Microsoft Office Accessibility