Tacoma Ethnic Fest

I try to support local events, especially when the insanity of I-5 triggers a fiery rage within me reminiscent of Michael Douglas in Falling Down. Being from Tacoma, I decided to take my family to Wright Park for the Tacoma Ethnic Fest over the July 25-26th weekend. There was something for everyone: a Lego station, fire engine and ambulance for kids, and live music and delicious food for adults. To be honest, I may have been slightly more excited than my son about the Legos, but that is content for another post, perhaps something focused on respecting the age ranges listed for popular toys.


What I found impressive was the abundance of people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds carrying Green River goodie bags stuffed with information about our college. As we all aim to encourage diversity, I was pleased to see the Outreach and Service Learning Center’s efforts were hugely successful in advertising our institution and attracting new students.


The GRC booth was manned only by volunteers and included Rebecca Muchmore, Conrad Webster, Sue Hart, Claire Gorenstein, and Kiana Fuega.

The Outreach and Service Learning Center additionally had a booth at the Renton River Days festival on July 24th. Green River’s volunteers included Tina Christian, Marshall Sampson, Sheila Capps, La-Basha Alexander, Camella Morgan and Jean Sauvion.