2019 Opening Week In-Service Day


Opening Week is just around the corner! In-Service Day (Wednesday, September 18) will feature a number of faculty and staff-led workshops. We invite you to attend one (or more!) of the workshops on offer during the week. Click here[2019 Opening Week In-Service Day] for times, locations and facilitators and click the link below to sign up!

In-Service Day Signup

Winter In-Service Day (Save the date)

Winter In-Service day (February 7, 2019) is coming right up! We hope you’ll make a note in your calendars and keep the below information in mind:Reminder

For the Winter In-Service Day (07 February 2019), Green River College will be closed to the public.  There are no classes that day so that faculty may participate in divisional in-service activities.  We are closing to the public so that classified staff may attend sessions with a speaker (details pending) as they did last year.  Additionally, the exempt staff will have an in-service opportunity this year.

If you have any questions about the closure to the public, please contact your manager.  If you have any questions about the content of the in-service day, please stand by as instructional divisions and the committees (CSTDC and ESTDC) are currently planning the sessions.

Opening Week In-Service Day

Opening Week is just around the corner! In-Service Day (Wednesday, September 19) will feature a number of faculty and staff-led workshops. We invite you to attend one (or more!) of the workshops on offer during the week. Click the link below to see details for times, locations and facilitators!In-service




Classified Staff In-Service Wrap-up

This past Tuesday, the Classified Staff Training and Development Committee (CSTDC) hosted an in-service day workshop on diversity and equity. Dr. Debra Jenkins of Share the Flame, LLC led activities and discussion surrounding power, privilege and equity status in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Many of the 90 attending staff members had very positive thoughts, post-workshop.

Special thanks to the CSTDC and to VP Marshall Sampson for a fantastic day of learning and engaging! Have a look at the pictures below, including Dr. Jenkins along with the workshop participants:

CSTDC IS morning

Morning Session

CSTDC IS afternoon

Afternoon session


Stress in the Workplace Activity

Stress in Workplace

Fact: Cookies, snacks, and short presentation all help reduce stress.

Workplace stress is a common part of interacting with customers. In our case customers include our colleagues, vendors, students, parents, and even community members.

The key is how we handle stress under pressure. We need to be able to maintain our composure while serving our wide variety/range of customers. Using established best practices and techniques, we can deescalate others people’s emotions and focus on the facts to work towards a resolution.

Stress in Workplace

Participants getting into character (stressed employee, neutral third party, and upset customer).

The Financial Aid department interacts frequently with students and family members who have concerns regarding their financial aid. In some cases the conversations become emotionally charged and responding in a calm and effective manner is the key to transitioning towards the next step. Most recently this department took advantage of a collaborative group workshop, where they learned techniques to handle stress in the workplace.

Stress in Workplace

Using simple techniques, the situation was quickly deescalated.

Common Techniques Include:

  • Acknowledge person’s emotion and describe impact
  • Invite person to share thoughts and feelings
  • Determine whether continuing conversation is appropriate
  • Listen to understand
  • Probe to uncover underlying issues
  • Help the person move on
  • Tag a team member
  • Avoid internalizing emotions
  • Reach for fish in tackle box (personal method used by Financial Aid staff member)
Stress in Workplace

The happiest (and stress-free) department at Green River!

If any department is curious about beginning this same conversation or collaborative group activity, feel free to contact training@greenriver.edu.