GRC Service Awards Recap

On Thursday, September 20, we celebrated 83 faculty and staff service anniversaries. Besides the incredible number of honorees, this year’s awards were notable for another reason: we presented them on their own day during opening week. This gave us an opportunity to include the entire board of trustees as well as giving our honorees an even that was entirely dedicated to them. We’ve included a few photos of some of this year’s winners along with the full listings below!

Thank you to our recipients for your years of service to education! Thanks, as well, to the Conference Services and Media Services crews for helping make this year’s event truly memorable.

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5 Years

  • Patsy Cadwell
  • Amy Davidson
  • Neil Duldulao
  • Lynette Edwards
  • Laeticia Egesi
  • Rebeka Ferreira
  • Emilee Findley
  • Jeanette Fohn
  • Jacob Frye
  • Brian Hansen
  • Nicole Harris
  • Aaron Hartzell
  • Scott Hemingway
  • Richard Hill
  • Dana McCauley
  • Jamie McCuaig
  • Patrick Mumpower
  • Bjorn Myhre
  • Niki Nelson
  • David Norberg
  • Rob Olson
  • Monica Paulson-Priebe
  • Nadine Pavlov
  • Melissa Porras-Monroe
  • Richard Potsubay
  • Deanna Rish
  • Jennifer Rohan
  • Ariadne Rooney
  • Shanna Selvar
  • Shannon Sharpe
  • Katy Shaw
  • Karl Smith
  • Felisha Stephens
  • Theresa Torell
  • Laura VanSteenvoort
  • Leonard Wainstein
  • Larry Wild
  • Chiae Wilder

10 Years

  • Pat Carter
  • Rhonda Daulton
  • Anne Dolan
  • Richard Douglas
  • Kelly Eisenhour
  • George Frasier
  • Aaron Leavitt
  • Wendy Lundquist
  • Deborah Lynes
  • Michael Moreno
  • Rachel Neville
  • Jenny Park
  • Kevin Parr
  • Jeff Perlot
  • Sarah Postel
  • Gavin Pyle
  • Jane Swenson
  • Jamie Vandette
  • Benita Walters

15 Years

  • Steven Brumbaugh
  • Rob Jonas
  • Paul Metivier
  • Amanda Schaefer
  • Chitra Solomonson
  • Terry Waagan

20 Years

  • Vik Bahl
  • Steven Black
  • Lansing Bryan
  • Dawn Cleveland
  • Connie Jones
  • Lisa Michalec
  • Jerry Marshall
  • Jennifer Morgan
  • Diane Pelletier
  • Sidney Weldele-Wallace

25 Years

  • John Avery
  • Shirlyn Zeno-Bassard
  • Mark Blaisdell
  • Leslie Moore
  • Patrick Navin
  • Jessica Tichy

30 Years

  • Gary Jones
  • Liz Petersen

35 Years

  • Susan Snow Davis
  • Donnie Hallstone

Service Awards 2016

Posted on behalf of Claire Gorenstein

September is an exciting month for our college for many reasons. Why am I talking about September when it’s only May, you say?  It’s my time to coordinate the recipients for Service Awards.  My favorite time of year. No, really!medal-1512895

We count years of service from the first day of permanent employment. For instance, if you were an adjunct or hourly employee before becoming a permanent employee (classified, exempt or tenure track faculty) we begin counting from the start date of your permanent position. If an employee leaves Green River and is rehired, we combine the years of service.

Presentation of service awards will be on Opening Day in September. Over fifty employees will be honored with awards for years of dedicated service to Green River College, ranging from five to forty-five years.

See 2016 Service Award Recipients below:

5 Years
Susan Baker, Adrienne Battle, Joy Crawford, Amnat Saephan, Eric Shea

10 Years

Judy Brenden, Mandiann Bumgarner, Deb Casey, Story Gilmore, Noland Hall, Kathryn Hoppe, Sabah Jabbouri, Alex Marchuk, Timothy McDaniel, Veun Saetern, Akiko Sakurai, Jean Sheadel, Matt Swenson, Alvin Tai

15 Years
Janet Ash, Pamela Basquez, Susan Batchelor, Catherine Cantrell, Michelle Danberg-Marshman, Danna Davis, Megan Evans, Susan Evans, Sue Finnestad, Jaeney Hoene, Carla Kane, Martha Koch, Frances Lindland, Marjorie Mackenzie, Gary Oliveira, Scott Schreiber, William Scott, Patty Sherman, Mary Singer, Jack Wells, Micki Wells, Anthony White, Lyudmila Zadneprovskaya

20 Years
Shirley Archuleta, Keith Clay, Sandra Davidson, Jennifer Dysart, Susan Fairley, Julie French, Judy Fuchs, Pie-Yon Gilge, Keith “Brad” Johnson, Dan Keene, Sergey Mikhailenko, Rochelle Mitchell, Camella Morgan, Cindy Olson, Dan Sorensen, Sandra Zirkle

25 Years
Diane Anderson, Angie Brenner, Stefanie Chapman, Bart Dowd, Sandra Mathews, Julia Nation, Lori Rapozo

30 Years
Darla Schutten

45 Years
Carmen Schmitz


Any questions? Simply send an email to with the subject line of “Service Award Question.”

2015 Retirement Social

Last Wednesday, June 3rd, Green River honored its most recent retirees. Current and past staff and faculty came together to celebrate their combined total of 361 years of service at our college.Retirees Group Photo

The audience applauded the retirees as they received their service plaques and pins, and listened as they spoke proudly about their time at Green River. Naturally, their stories differed from department to department, but every retiree, whether a former instructor or staff member, expressed immense gratitude for the relationships they had developed at the college. With comments ranging from, “Coming to Green River was the best decision I made,” to “This College is like no other,” it was easy to be reminded of the special nature of our school and to be infected with their pride.

Service Plaque

Many thanks to Josh Gerstman from the Green River Foundation, Patty Sherman and Benita Walters from Conference Services, Julie Spears from Marketing and Communications, Jean Sheadel from College Relations, Steve Sosa, Kirk Walker, Claire Gorenstein and Jessica Tichy from Human Resources, Suzanne McCudden from the President’s Office, and Natalie Edwards from Campus Safety.